Brodie - Credo Light Blue Small

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$100 In Store Instant Rebate on CREDO !

Whoops ! We made a mistake and our Pain is your Gain !

Factory put Brodie Logo on one side backwards ! You can barely notice its there !

Other than that, the bike is perfect !

MSRP $675



Available in 2 Colours, Light Blue or Dark Blue

A low price tag but full of features, and the Brodie Credo is packed with features designed to get you from A to B with efficiency and fun, not just this season, but for years to come.

The Credo has a Steel CroMo frame, wide range gearing, room for larger tires and fenders.

Of course it comes with rack mounts, nutted axles for security and even a third low water bottle mount low under the downtube. Perfect for keeping a lock like the folding Abus ‘Bordo’ at the ready.

With it’s upright riding position, high volume tires, and low standover design, the Credo is for toting your haul from the weekend farmers market or a jaunt around town that may involve a stop at a garage sale or your local coffee shop.

Sizing: S/M/L

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